Chain Link Fence Machine

Apart from chain link fences, we also supply some types of chain link fencing machines, such as multi-function, semi-automatic, full-automatic chain fence machine. Here are the detailed information of machines.

Multi-function chain link fencing machine

  1. Dimension: length:3200mm
    Width:750mm height:850mm.
  2. Maximum working platform: 2000mm
    Maximum weaving width:2000mm.
  3. Maximum mesh size: 200 × 200mm
    Minimum mesh size: 4 × 4mm.
  4. Maximum wire diameter: 4.0mm
    Minimum wire diameter: 0.4mm.
  5. A-machine power:1.5kw
    B-type machine power:0.8kw.

Multi-function Chain Link Fence Machine

Semi-automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

This type machine is easy to operate and control.

  1. Dimension: length:2.9m width:0.57m height:0.85m.
  2. Maximum working platform:8000mm.
  3. Maximum weaving width: 4.0m (Can be customized based on customer need).
  4. Maximum wire diameter:4.0mm.
    Minimum wire diameter:1.0mm.
  5. Power:1.1KW.
  6. Productivity: 60-120 square meters / hour.
  7. Weight: 0.28T.

Semi-automatic Chain Link Fence Machine

Full-automatic Chain Link Fences Machine

  1. Dimension: length:3.6m width:2m height:1.68m.
  2. The preparation of aperture:8mm-100mm.
  3. Productivity: 60-120 square meters / hour.
  4. Wire diameter: 1.0mm-4.0mm.
  5. Wire standards with: GB3081-82 YB544-65.
  6. Wire material: B 1 F-B 3F.
  7. Mesh width: 0.6m-2m.
  8. Length: Optional.
  9. Power: 1.5kw-4.0kw.
  10. Weight: 1.9T.

Full-automatic Chain Link Fencing Machine

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