Chain link fence with galvanized, stainless steel and PVC wire types

Chain link fence is also named diamond fence with the diamond opening. Its end has three types: knuckle, horizontal and Twist type. Chain link fencing is popular as security fence used in garden, industrial sites, houses, prison, roads and events for crowd control, animal breeding and zoo encirclement. Our temporary chain link fabric is often used as temporary fences.PVC chain link fence image

Winner is the professional manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of chain link fence products made with various metal wires, such as, high quality galvanized wire, stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, PVC wire, iron wire, aluminum wire materials. Chain link fence surface treatment can be hot-dipped galvanizing, electro galvanizing, plastic coating and vinyl coating. PVC chain link have many colors available, such as green, black, yellow white, etc. Galvanized chain link fence provides protection against rust and corrosion, GAW is the best for protection against rust and corrosion, GBW more apt to minor rust in wet conditions. Stainless steel chain wire fence is acid and alkali resistance. In order to meet your special inquiry, we can also supply the chain fence gate, parts and slats.

Our chain link mesh specifications: Wire Diameter: 1.2mm-5.0mm. Roll Width: 0.5m-2.5m. Roll Length: 10m-50m.  Mesh opening: 25mm - 100mm. Products of special specifications can be customized.

When you order chain link fence, please give the data about the wire mesh length, height, mesh opening, wire diameter and materials, end treatment and package types.

Well, if you would like to learn more technology about the products, or choose a better chain link fence, or have the trouble with chain link fence installation, please click the corresponding parts on the top navigation pane, which will help you. If you need other information, please mail us

Hot Products

  • 4'× 56' plastified chain link with colors 3020, 4005,2004,6018,4006, 1018, 5005.
  • 2.40 m High Security chain link fence and 7.0 m wide × 2.40 m high security chain link personnel gate.
  • Knuckle end type aluminum chain link fence, gauge 9, 6 feet tall × 550 feet long.
  • Green color PVC chain link mesh from 3.80mm wire (GI wire 2.60mm and coating 1.20mm) with 62.5mm × 62.5mm mesh opening.
  • Galvanised or Zinc Coated Diamond Mesh 2 inch, Wire Gauge 10; and 3 inch Wire Gauge 12.
  • Galvanised chain link mesh, 1" diamond with 14 gauge wire.
  • 50mm x 50mm square hollow aluminum posts, wall thickness 2mm, length 6m.
    Chain Link Fence
  • Chain link fence in galvanized PVC and stainless steel wire is for garden and sports fences. Galvanized chain wire is the most popular chain link fence.
    Chain Link Fence Gate
  • Chain link fence gate includes wall gates, single gates, double swing gates, cantilever gates and roll gates. Chain link fence gate installation steps are here
    Residential Chain Link Fence Gate
  • Specification, installation and accessories requirements for residential chain link fence single swing and double swing gates, gate posts and accessories.
Super mesh!

I work in the airport. And I am interested in whether the stainless steel chain link fencing can be used at the airport. After communicating with the experts, I bought 50 rolls with twist - twist edge. It also add security. Super mesh!

Perfect temporary chain link fence!

Several days ago, I bought the temporary chain link fence with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment to be used in the park. To my surprised, it is so quick and easy to installs or remove. What's more, it doesn't damage the ground. It is perfect.

It is amazing!

I have just bought a house and want to fence the back yard as the doggy run area. I am looking for a convenient way with a lower price. At last, I choose the stainless steel chain link fence. It is amazing!

Exactly what I needed!

I need to install a gate for my storage. I order the double swing gate made of galvanized steel powder coated black chain link fence and then install a panic bar on one side, and lock on opposite side. The durable gate cost low and even no maintenance. What is more important, it effectively protect my property. Great mesh!

Great PVC Coated Fence!

We intend to use green PVC coated chain link fence building an outdoor basketball court for our children. After a long time using, the fence is without rusting and corrosion resistant. It works well. Really good job.

Excellent Recommendation!

A problem is always bothering me. My dog and the neighbor's dog who lives behind me don't like each other and both scar each others' faces through the fence. The sale expert recommend me the slats chain link fence. Yes, it really solve the problem. Just what I wanted!