Hot Specifications of Chain Link fence

  • 200m length barbed wire double twisted, wire gauge: 1.6 × 1.6 mm, barb spacing: 4".
  • Aluminum or stainless chain link fencing, 12ft long by 3ft tall with a mesh size of 2".
  • Barbed for your horticultural farm as specification of opening 60 mm height 1.2m, wire diameter: 1.70/2.50mm.
  • 2000 square meters of aluminum diamond mesh fence. 1.8m × 75m × 2.5m × 25m.
  • 11 gauge black vinyl coated chain link fence. The fence is 5 feet high & 70 feet long.
  • 12 chain link panels 3' high and 10 to 12' long. Regular standard chain link fencing.
  • Slats fence (green or brown) for 5 foot chain link fence. The area is approximately 140 feet long.
  • Steel wire galvanized and green plastic coated. 36m long 4m high chain link fencing for replacement on one side of a tennis court.
  • Vinyl coated wire mesh, diamond mesh (2 inches per side), 4 feet high and approx 8 feet long, green in color, twist type top.
  • Chain link fence of 8ft high and 1000 ft long, mesh size 50mm × 50mm.
  • 800 meters of 2.5 meter height fencing for a deer fence.
  • 4 ft. × 50 ft. 9 gauge black chain link fabric.
  • A 40" × 84" chain link door with panic bar and hardware.
  • Building a chain link fence topped with bard wire. The fence would be 8 feet high with barbed wire topping the fence.
  • Diamond chain link wire mesh with the mesh size of 75 × 75 mm. Bare wire diameter is 2.5mm and PVC coating is 1.5mm. Height of the mesh is 2.4m and total requirement is 1000m.
  • SS chain link in either 201, 302 or 304SS 2mm or 2.5mm wire and with either 2.5" or 4" openings.
  • Green chain wire fencing, for 6 batting cages that are 15'w × 70'l × 8'h.
  • chain link fence, 2.55/3.55mm PVC coated fence 50 × 50, 2.30mtr high with corner post.
  • Wide enough for pallet jack, portable chain link fence 20" deep × 12" wide × 8ft tall area with one entrance.
  • Mesh grid non zinc coated chain link panels 50 × 50 (hole size) 1.8 mm (wire diameter) 2 mm (width) 10 ft (length).
  • 10 meters × 1 meters of black galvanized wire mesh with 30mm hole size for gates. panic bar kits for a 4' wide chain link gate.
  • Two rolls of 45m by 1m black ticker gauge smaller holes chain link fence.
  • Chain link fence 126 feet by 1m height including a gate with 2 feet.
  • Chain link fence and posts 84ft × 38ft. 3 gates 36 inches.
  • Chain link fence, gauge 10 galvanized wire conforming to 2.4 meters width and 181m length. It should be zinc coated.
  • Fence a farm and chain link wire of 2.5m width around 22 rolls of 18m length each.
  • 1320 lineal feet of 8' chain link fencing enough to enclose 2 areas.
  • Roll galvanized chain link, height 60 inches, length 50 foot, gauge mesh size 9 × 2 inches.
  • Tension Wire:
    • Wire steel inside 2.7mm galvanized.
    • Wire after coating PVC 3.8mm.
    • Rolls of 50mtr - 100mtr.
  • Chain link fencing, diameter 3.55mm, mesh 50mm, 2m × 12.5m length.
  • 50mm × 50mm, galvanized 6' by 10' fence panels. One with a gate that opens inward.
  • Three rolls of your 3mm, 2.5m × 50m stainless steel chain link fence.
  • Temporary chain link fence panels 2 panels with a mesh of 60mm and a 2.5mm wire diameter.
  • 8 gauge × 36 height by 50 length black bonded chain link fence.
  • Black chain link fence with the knuckle top (not the twist top). 1.2m (4ft) high and 50m in total.
  • 4' high vinyl coated chain link fence probably 9 gauge for a dog park and a detention area.
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