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Chain link fencing & accessories

Chain Link Fencing – Multiple Materials and Wide Range Applications

Our company is dedicated ourselves to produce more and more chain link fencing and related products. Now, we can supply you all kinds of chain link fencing, including galvanized or PVC coated products to be used in school, residences and industrial fences, basketball court fences and other applications. Additional, we can customize the special specs and design the projects and products according to your requirements and budget. After you purchased the products, we can supply technical support and perfect after-sales services to solve all your problems and troubles.

High Security

Heavy duty chain link fence, used with razor/barbed wire supplies superb site security.

Private Space

Chain link fence with slats secure your site and leave private space at the same time.

Extensive Use

Protect security in industrial, sports, military, construction and private applications.

Temporary & Permanent

Temporary or permanent fence design makes it flexible to satisfy more customer requirements.


A powder coated chain link fence gate with panic bar.

Chain Link Fabric with Barbed Wire on Top

Jul 31 2017

The fence is a single chain link fabric fixed to steel posts with the rows of barbed wire on top conforming to the following specifications.

A worker is installing the tension bars.

Installation Accessories Specifications

Jul 31 2017

chain link fence and accessories: chain link fence is sometimes used with barbed wire on top. Installing chain link fence need some chain link fence accessories, line post, tie wire, top rails.

Chain Link Fence Post Tube

Fence Posts Tube and Pipe

Jul 31 2017

Chain link fence post and pipe types and specifications are here.tubes diameter 48mm × 1.5mm (wall thickness) length 2.0m. Total 3" GI pipe 8 feet length will be used as bottom and center rail.

A worker is repairing chain link fencing.

How to Repair the Fences

Jul 31 2017

It is necessary to repair chain link fence. Here are two things to remember when repairing: replace the top fence rail and repair the chain link fabric.

Several pieces of chain link fencings are installed on the grassland.

How to Install Black Vinyl Chain Link Fence

Jul 31 2017

How to install black vinyl coated chain Link fence by yourself? Here is the vinyl chain-link fencing installation technology covering tools, install steps and tips.

Nine chain link fence accessories on the white background.

Chain Link Fence Accessories

Jul 31 2017

When install chain link fence, we need chain link fence accessories including posts, caps, tension bands, tension bars, carriage bolt, rail, saddle clamp and tie wire.

A drawing shows each part of chain link fencing.

How to Install Chain Link Fence

Jul 31 2017

Chain link fence installation photos, steps and tips are here. Locate and set line posts, add fittings to terminal posts, install rails, hanging chain link fence fabric, splice and stretch fabric, install fence ties.

A worker is installing the chain link fencing on the grassland.

Chain Link Fencing Installation Tips

Jul 31 2017

Chain link fence fabric and accessories install needed. And there are some tips for chain link fence installation, wish be helpful for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Chain link fencing, made of galvanized steel wire, PVC coated wire, stainless steel wire or aluminum steel wire and other corrosive and rust resistant materials, is widely used for industrial, sports, military, municipal engineering and private applications for security and decoration.

We can not only supply chain link fencing only, but also the fence gate, accessories, slats, razor wire, barbed wire and any other need tools when installing and using chain link fencing to supply one-stop purchase experience.

Solid structure, various colors choice, razor/barbed wire security addition, considerate accessories and technical supports contributes our well-deserved reputation and long term cooperation.

How strong is the material?

Hot dipped galvanized or PVC coated wires supplies excellent corrosion and rust resistance performance. Additional, high tensile strength material can withstand about 40–50 mile winds.

Does it really work for privacy for side fences?

Chain link fencing with slats is very good as a privacy fence, You can't see out and others can't see in either. Black, green, red, gray and any other colors you can choose for decorating your sites.

What sizes of chain link fencing should we choose?

Contact our sales representatives, they will recommend the most suitable specs for your applications, or just tell us your requirements and places sizes, we will customize it for you.

What people say

Super mesh!

I work in the airport. And I am interested in whether the stainless steel chain link fencing can be used at the airport. After communicating with the experts, I bought 50 rolls with twist - twist edge. It improves security. Super mesh!

Jack Malaysia people

Perfect temporary chain link fence!

Several days ago, I bought the temporary chain link fence with hot dipped galvanized surface treatment to be used in the park. To my surprised, it is so quick and easy to install or remove. What's more, it doesn't damage the ground. It is perfect.

Sandra Moscow people

It is amazing!

I have just bought a house and want to fence the back yard as the doggy run area. I am looking for a convenient way with a lower price. At last, I choose the stainless steel chain link fence. It is amazing!

Ann France people

Exactly what I needed!

I need to install a gate for my storage. I order the double swing gate made of galvanized steel powder coated black chain link fence and then install a panic bar on one side, and lock on opposite side. The durable gate cost low and even no maintenance. What is more important, it effectively protect my property. Great mesh!

John America people

Great PVC Coated Fence!

We intend to use green PVC coated chain link fence building an outdoor basketball court for our children. After a long time using, the fence is without rusting and corrosion resistant. It works well. Really good job.

Emily Britain people

Excellent Recommendation!

A problem is always bothering me. My dog and the neighbor's dog who lives behind me don't like each other and both scar each others' faces through the fence. The sale expert recommend me the slats chain link fence. Yes, it really solve the problem. Just what I wanted!

Jose Ukraine people