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Chain Link Fence Fabric

Chain link fence in galvanized PVC and stainless steel wire is for garden and sports fences. Galvanized chain wire is the most popular chain link fence.
Galvanized chain link fence with 3-5cm hole, wire 2.7-4.0mm, 1-2.5m high, 20-100m/roll. Galvanized chain link fence is often used for sport fence or temporary fencing.
PVC chain link fence named vinyl coated chain link fence rust and corrosion resistance, not afraid of oil and water, Ø 2.5-4.75mm, mesh size 30-50mm, Width 1-2.5m.
Aluminum chain link fence is available in mesh sizes 3/8 - 2 inches, heights 36 - 240 inches. Chain link fence with knuckle or barb edge.
Aluminum-coated chain-link fence fabric is designed for swimming pools fence, outdoor play area fence, tennis fence, baseball/softball fence, cricket fence and security fence.
Stainless steel chain link fence with SS316, SS304, SS302 materials, it is better in durable and alkali resistance than galvanized or PVC coated chain link fence.
Black Chain Link Fence made of plastic coated iron wire with corrosion resistant. Wire diameter 3.55/4.75, 1.70/2.50, mesh 30-60mm and fence height 1-2m.
Green chain wire fence is vinyl coated chain link fence in green color. 1.7/2.5mm for general use, 2.24/3.15mm for tennis courts-2.75m high, heavy industrial use 2.5/3.55mm, 3/4mm or 3.5/4.75mm.
GAW chain link fencing is galvanizing after weaved with rust and corrosion resistance in even coastal environments. Wire diameter 3-5mm, high 2.0m, packed 25m/roll.
Diamond wire mesh is made of galvanized iron wire, vinyl-coated wire and stainless steel wire. Wire diameter 1.6mm - 5.0mm, mesh opening 25mm - 100mm.
Heavy chain link fence with barbed wire or razor wire together can supply high strength and security, for example, heavy galvanized chain link used with barbed wire.
Chain link fence panels connected to fence posts, 11-1/2" galvanized fence fabric with 2-1/2" mesh, frame constructed of galvanized 1-3/8" diameter.