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Chain Link Fence Application

Chain link mesh baseball and softball fences, outfield fence and backstop fencing, provide protection against injuries for passage and spectators.
10 ft or 12ft high chain-link fencing around tennis courts is built from various types of chain-link fabric and framework materials, accordance with ASTM F969.
3.15 mm galvanized wire or PVC coated wires is made into chain link fabric mesh, which functions as the cricket net fencing enclosures of heavy duty.
Chain link football field fence with safe, stable structure, used at school, park, playground to keep the ball inside and protect people outside the court.
Chain link sport fence designed with gate made from mild or stainless steel, it's safe to use at school, park for court, running track fencing.
Security grade chain link fencing system with proper material, installation and layout provides greater levels of security and increases difficulty to penetrate.
Temporary chain link fencing can be quickly and easily installed, portable chain link panel 2400mm(L) ×2100mm(H). mesh 40-60mm. wire diameter 2.5-5mm. Galvanized tube 32mm.
Chain link anti-intruder fence at least 2.4 m height for a higher level protection than common chain link fence, with razor barbed wire fence topping, conforms to BS 1722-10.
Chain link fence fabric is constructed for residential swimming pools, spas, and designed for restricting access to children of under 5 years old.
Chain link mine support mesh with soft and flexible structure anti-corrosion resistance performance is widely used in mine roadway construction for protection.
Chain link wire mesh is suspended upon the slope surface for not only rockfall possibility, but also could be used for slope vegetation, which is more effect.