Application for Hillside Security

Chain link fence application for hillside. The special terrain give the chance to show the chain link fence advantage. The chain link fence panel can be changeable when installing. And the fence panel height can be adjusted to the using.

All of component elements are made in the factory strictly according to strict standard. the whole net can be installed step by step at the scene. Our professional organization will make unique plan for you as soon as we receive your detail photo and technical data.

Chain Link Fencing Specifications:

  • Post and strut rail: 50 mm.
  • Post center distance: max. 3 m.
  • Height: min. 2 m, max. 6.0 m.
  • Chain link fence: wire dia. 3.8 mm, hole, 50 × 50 mm.
  • Attended mode: special clips.
  • Corrosion resistant: HDG (hot dip galvanized) or PPC (polyester powder coated).

Chain Link Fence for Hillside Advantages:

  1. Compact structure, convenient for installing.
  2. Flow line production to guarantee the quality.
  3. HDG finish provides a corrosion resistant fencing with perpetual non-maintenance.
  4. Flexible and practical swing gate.
  • High safety priority with no sharp edges or protruding fasteners.
  • The system is designed to withstand impact and retain its integrity and strength.
  • The continuous clamp bar and insulating mountings reduce noise resulting from balls rebounding.
  • Available up to 6 meters high with a variety of mesh sizes to suit a wide range of sports activities while still allowing good visibility for spectators.
Chain Link Fence Application for Hillside