Chain Mesh Fencing and Slat

Chain mesh fencing

The chain link fence is the most affordable on the market. This is a durable, resistant and maintenance free that works well with any decor.

The structure is based on an enamel polyester powder baked coating which gives a smooth and perfectly arranged to the color of the selected wire. This is how the chain link fence that crosses the years without altering the appearance. To have privacy at an economical price, you can add strips of a matching color.

We can design as you need. And chain link fences uniquely adapted to the harsh conditions of the region by raising industry standards. In the data sheet, the elements that will make your fence the best!

Chain link fence slats

Apart from all kinds of chain link fence products, we also offer a wide range of plastic slats inserts for chain link fence. The slats inserts are designed and manufactured to offer resistance to high temperature, high impact and UV resistant products. The slats are perfect for all outdoor use and can withstand fluctuation and extreme weather condition.

Chain link fence technical
Height 48"(1.2 m) 60"(1.5 m) 72"(1.8 m)
Colors white, green, black, brown and gray colors
Main post 2 ⅜"17 gauge
Intermediate post 1 ⅞"or 2 ⅜" 17 gauge
spaced at 5'or 6' c / c
Top rail 1 11/16" 13gauge (commercial)
Stitch 2"gauge no.9
Simple barrier 30" to 60" wide
Double barrier 60" 120" width
Other available Galvanized structure with galvanized mesh.
Structure with galvanized mesh, vinyl
Galvanized chain mesh fencing for grass protection
Chain Link Fence Slats in white color