How to Extend Chain Link Fence Fabric?

You may increase the length or the height for some reasons in the use of chain link fence. Compared the extending chain link fence and installing a chain link fence, which is the relationship between each other. Next, detail description the steps of the extend chain link fence.

The tools you need: a pair of pliers, pliers, tin snips, plank, and solid mesh.

The procession to extend:

First of all, you need understand the length of limit and rules to extend the chain link fence Then, measure the length of the extend fences you want.

Secondly, cut 3 feet of mesh with a pair of pliers. Then, cut 6-inch wire with pliers.

Thirdly, make the 3 feet mesh on the one side of the chain link fence and overlap 12-inch with chain. Twist the wire together by hand and continue twisting with a pair of pliers to secure the extension tightly against the chain link. Then, cut the loose mesh from the mesh. Repeat twist and flat the going against the point of integration. Ensure the format of the mesh and the original mesh.

Fourthly, Install an inward leaning barrier as an alternative to an outward extension. Cut 10 feet strips from the roll as described. Place a long heavy piece of timber across the top of the mesh lined up with the edge of the table or crate. Place a second thick plank combine with the first piece of benchmarking on side of the mesh. Repeat until the 10 feet length of mesh is bent.

Fifthly, fasten the 12 inches section to outside face of the chain link to form an inward sloping fence. Secure the extension to the chain link fence with wire ties as described. Repeated tightening until you think is fastened. Last, check the fence whether are tightened.


You must be with gloves in the process of working. So that not to be injured by the wire.