Dip Method and Process of Chain Link Fence

PVC chain link fence is a common fence facility. PVC Coated is one of the antiseptic methods for chain link fence. The more mature practice is: Powder PVC Coated method, which originated in the fluidized bed method. The fluidized bed is in the Winkler gas furnace gradually applied to oil contacts decomposition initially, and then developed a solid-gas. After is used for the metal coated aspects. It is sometimes still called "fluidized bed coating method". The actual process makes powder coating the bottom of the porous breathable containers (flowing cell), from the bottom into the treated compressed air by the blower, so that the powder coating flip to achieve flow of the state. A uniform distribution of fine loose powder is formed.

The fluidized bed is the second phase of the solid flow pattern (the first stage is fixed bed stage, the second phase is pneumatic conveying phase) continues to increase flow rate on the basis of the fixed bed, the bed has begun expansion and loose, the bed height started has begun increase, and each powder particles have floated. Thus leaving the original position for certain will move, when they enter the fluidized bed stage.

Then powder layer in the fluidized bed has become expanded, and its height increased with increasing gas velocity, the pressure within the bed does not increase. It doesn't affect the fluid by need to power the unit that changes in flow rate, which is the characteristics of the fluidized bed, and took advantage of this feature to the implementation of the coating process.

The uniformity of the fluidized bed of powder flow state is the key to ensure uniform coating. Fluidized bed powder coating belong to a "vertical fluidization", the fluidization number necessary be find out after the testing, It is generally to coat, and suspension of powder in the fluidized bed up to 30 to 50 %.

Next, dip the fence: chain link fence preheated after the oil to above the melting point of powder coatings, plastic powder after dipping into the fluidized bed will be uniform adhesion, and then plasticizing the polymer cross-linked leveling into a steel-plastic has become composite products.

A piece of green PVC coated chain link fence is installed on the fence post.
Green PVC coated chain link fence.
A piece of black PVC coated chain link fence is installed on the fence post.
Black PVC coated chain link fence.