Chain Link Fence for Horse, Elephants, Sheep, and Goats Livestock Fencing

Horse Fencing:
Safe, secure, durable and attractive chain link fence are a key component of horse fences.It is important to design fencing systems as a part of the overall farm plan. Labor, safety, and initial and maintenance costs must be considered. Aesthetics and tradition play important roles in the image of the farm.

We can supply well designed and well built horse fences made of galvanized chain link fence or plastic coated chain link fence.

Fence heights, length and wire diameter can be customized.
Varieties of fencing fabrics include aluminum chain link fence, galvanized chain link fence and other chain links live stock fencing.

We can supply fences in bears and bison at wildlife parks, elephants in zoos, dairy complexes, llamas, ostrich, pheasant, ferrets, sheep, goats. We offer a complete service of commercial fence materials for raising livestock's.

Chain link fences popular application in:

  • Security fences;
  • Expressway fences;
  • Railway fences; Barriers;
  • Screen sheet;
  • Electric fences.
A coffee horse looking through the chain link fence.
Chain link fence for horse rearing.
A white monkey looking through the galvanized chain link fence.
Chain link fence for monkey enclosure.
A ring-tailed lemur looking through chain link fence.
Chain link fence for ring-tailed lemur rearing.
A sheep is eating in the area enclosed by chain link fence.
Chain link fence for horse rearing.