Chain Link Fence Selection Standard

Chain Link Fence External structures:

When need chain link fence, the required standards are important, here are the chain link fence related standard table as follows.

Standard Title:

  1. ADD-1722-18-2007 Fences. Specification for steel mesh site perimeter temporary fencing system.
  2. DC00-105 250 BS 6229 Code of practice for flat roofs with continuously supported coverings.
  3. BS-EN-14846-2008 construction equipment. Locks and latches. Controlled electromechanical locks and striking plates. Requirements and test methods.
  4. BS-EN-13978-1-2005 Precast concrete products. Precast concrete garages. Requirements for reinforced garages monolithic or consisting of one section with the dimensions of the room.
  5. BS-EN-13241-1-2003 Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates. The standard for products without fire resistance or smoke control characteristics.
  6. BS-EN-12839-2001 Precast concrete products. Elements for fences.
  7. BS-5709-2006 Gaps, gates and turnstiles. Specification.
  8. BS-4092-1-1996 Specification for domestic front entrance gates. Specification for metal gates.
  9. BS-3470-1975 Specification for field gates and posts.
  10. BS-1722-9-2006 Fences. Specification for mild steel (low carbon steel) fences with round or square verticals and horizontals flat.
  11. BS-1722-8-2006 Fences. Specification for mild steel (low carbon steel) continuous bar fences and hurdles.
  12. BS-1722-7-2006 Fences. Specification for wooden post and rail fences.
  13. BS-1722-5-2006 Fences. Specification for cracks fences and wooden palisade fences.
  14. BS-1722-4-1986 Fences. Specification for cleft chestnut pale fences.
  15. BS-1722-2-2006 Fences. Specification for strained wire and wire mesh netting fences.
  16. BS-1722-17-2006 Fences. Specification for electric security fences. Design, installation and maintenance.
  17. BS-1722-16-2009 Fences. Specification for powder coatings, plastics are used as ingredients and bring to the grid.
  18. BS-1722-14-2006 Fences. Specification for open mesh steel panel fences.
  19. BS-1722-13-1978 Fences. Chain link fence around the tennis court.
  20. BS-1722-12-2006 Fences. Specification for steel palisade fences.
  21. BS-1722-11-2006 Fences. Specification for prefabricated wood fence panels.
  22. BS-1722-10-2006 Fences. Specification for anti-intruder fences in chain link and welded mesh.
  23. BS-1722-1-2006 Fences. The specification for the fences.
  24. ASTM-F934-962 008 Standard Specification for Standard Colors for Polymer- coated materials network link fence.
  25. ASTM-F654-07 Standard Specification for Residential Chain Link fence Gates
  26. ASTM-F567-07 Standard practice for installing chain link fence.
  27. ASTM-F537-012 007 Standard Specification for design, manufacture and installation of fences constructed of wood and related materials.
  28. ASTM-F2548-06 Standard Specification for expanded metal fence system for safety.
  29. ASTM-F2408-09 Standard Specification for Ornamental Fences Application of tubular galvanized steel pickets.
  30. ASTM-F2049-10 Standard Guide for Fences / Barriers for Public, commercial and multifamily residential use outdoor play areas.
  31. ASTM-F1999-002 006 Standard practice for installing rigid poly (vinyl chloride) (PVC) fence systems.
  32. ASTM-F1910-982 008 Standard Specification for Long Barbed Tape Obstacles.
  33. ASTM-F1712-06 Standard Specification for Steel Chain-Link fencing materials used for high-security devices.
  34. ASTM-F1553-06 Standard Guide for Specifying the chain link fence.
  35. ASTM-F1345-10a Standard Specification for Zinc-5% aluminum alloy-coated steel chain Mischmetal-Link Fence fabric.
  36. ASTM-F1184-052 010 Standard Specification for Industrial and Commercial Horizontal Slide Gates.
  37. ASTM-F1043-08 Standard Specification for strength and protective coatings for steel production chain Link Fence Framework.
  38.  ASTM D5957-38-982 005 Standard Guide for Flood Testing Horizontal Waterproofing.