Tennis Court Chain Fence

Chain link fence is popular as tennis court fence or sports filed fence with the features as follows:

Value Pricing.
Beautiful Appearance.
Custom Sizing Available.
Professionally Weaving and Fully Fabricated.
Galvanized or PVC coated, Rust-Resistant Finish.

Tennis court chain-link fence systems are commonly used because they're durable and easy to install. All steel components are of chain-link tennis court system are hot-dip zinc coated or PVC coated. It can protect the fence surface from anti-corrosion. Ties used to attach the chain-link fabric to the framework between terminal posts are made from aluminum, resulting in maintenance -free security. Some fittings used in a tennis court system are made from pressed steel and cast iron for added durability.

Tennis Court Galvanized Chain-link Fencing System Specifications:

  1. Gauge: 6, 9, 11, 12, and 14 gauge galvanized core wire.
  2. Mesh Opening 50 mm × 50 mm.
  3. Size: 4000 mm × 3000 mm.
  4. Vertical Post: diameter pipe 60/2.75 mm.
  5. Horizontal Post: diameter welded steel pipe 60/2.75 mm.
  6. Heights: 3',42",4',5', 6', 7', 8', 10', 12', 16' and 20'.
  7. Anti-corrosion treatment: Anti-rust primer paint + advanced metallic paint.The specifications can be available as your need.
Tennis Court Chain Link Fence 01
Tennis Court Chain Link Fencing 02
Tennis Court Chain Link Fences 03