Tennis Fencing Purchase Orders, Construction Specifications, and Detailed Drawings

Chain link tennis court fencing ordering information

  1. When you need chain-link fabric tennis courts fencing system, purchase orders, construction specifications, or detailed drawings should include the following information:
    • Quantity or total measurements in lineal feet of fence and gates.
    • Type of fence fabric and gauge of wire; Type I (aluminum-coated steel chain-link fence), Type II (zinc-coated steel chain-link fence fabric), Type III (zinc-5% aluminum-mischmetal alloy-coated steel chain-link fence fabric), Type IV (polymer-coated steel chain-link fence fabric), gauge of wire (11 gauge or 11 gauge).
    • Class of metallic-coated fence fabric Type II (Class 1 or Class 2), Type III (Class 1 or Class 2).
    • Class of Type IV polymer-coated fence fabric, Class 1, Class 2a or Class 2b and color (dark green, olive green, brown, or black).
    • If framework, fittings and gates are to be color coated, select color (dark green, olive green, brown, or black).
    • Height of fence (10 feet or 12 feet (3050 or 3660 mm)).
    • Number of horizontal rails and location.
    • Bottom tension wire, if specified.
    • Depth and diameter of concrete post footings.
    • Spacing of line posts.
    • Any details peculiar to the project, such as special finishing of tops of concrete post footings, setting of posts in concrete curbs, etc.
  2. A typical ordering description is as follows: 360 lineal ft (109.7 m) chain-link tennis court fence to make a full enclosure 60 by 120 feet (18.3 by 36.6 m) with 3 feet (914 mm) gate at one corner, Type I, 12 feet (3660 mm) high, 3 horizontal rails (top, middle, and bottom), furnished and erected as shown on the enclosed drawing, and in accordance with ASTM F969.
  3. A detailed drawing or drawings showing the complete layout of the fence line, together with typical elevations, details of pavement around post footings, etc., should be a part of the purchase order or construction contract.